Honey Bee Friendly Parks...


We are really pleased to announce all 3 of our touring and holiday parks have been officially announced as ‘Honey Bee Friendly’ for 2016/17.

It is a scheme run in conjunction with the David Bellamy Conservation Awards (DBCAS), of which we have been participating in for many years.

The Honey Bee Friendly Park Project only launched last year, when the DBCAS joined forces with the British Beekeepers Association to address the issue of the decline in many of Britain’s bees.

The project encourages all those parks already participating in the DBCAS to take the ‘Honey Bee Pledge’ and make a commitment to bee conservation.

Our three holiday and touring parks have taken this on board by increasing the number of nectar and pollen rich plants. Bee hotels have been constructed and located around the parks as well as introducing some interpretation signs and spotter sheets for guests to identify the bee friendly plants we have.

This summer has certainly seen a rise in our parks bee population and with new ideas to implement for next year we hope that will increase even more.

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