Benefits Of Residential Park Homes

28.09.2015 - Residential Parks

The decision to buy a residential park home is not taken lightly; the same buying process applies as if buying property, with agents and solicitors etc. A residential park home is an investment.

As with any investment it is well worth taking the time to do your homework. Identify the possible locations you would like to move to and visit. View the homes for sale, speak to residents and get a good understanding of the park and the area.

It is then down to whether this move is right for you and assessing the benefits of this type of investment.

So what are the benefits of a residential park homes?

Quality of life: a residential park is usually in an area popular for people of a similar age or situation; where independence and leisure are of paramount importance – whether this is by the sea or woodland, near a town or relatively remote.

Low maintenance: After possibly maintaining a house and garden for many years it is time to put your feet up and enjoy living somewhere easy to manage. You will still have good living space but it will all seem far more manageable; especially if you have downsized.

Security and peace of mind: there is comfort knowing that you are part of a community of similar aged residents. The parks are regularly visited by the management team and the upkeep of the park is regularly attended to.

Financial: compared to a bungalow or a small apartment the cost of a residential park home can offer significant savings. This saving could be considerable when downsizing and so releasing the equity from the larger property.

If you are considering investing in a residential park home please contact us to answer any of your questions or arrange a visit to one of our parks.

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