It’s Breakfast Time! Top Places To Go For Breakfast in Kent

22.06.2016 - General

Good morning sleepy heads! You have a fun filled day ahead and it’s time to go on an adventure! What better way to start each day than experiencing the best places to go for breakfast in Kent?

With hundreds of fantastic cafes, restaurants and bistros in Kent it will be difficult to choose one, but don’t worry, we have shortened that endless list for you!

We put together a Top 5 list with places to go for breakfast that will not only serve you delicious food but you will also get to enjoy the vibrant historical surroundings with panoramic views.

The Sun Inn, Faversham
A 14th century country inn, the Sun Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Faversham located in a historic Kentish riverside retreat. If you choose to dine here, make sure you will continue your adventure with The Shepherd Neame’s brewery tour. The Sun Inn serves Kentish cask ales and is a perfect location for real ale aficionados.

Location: Faversham, ME13 7JE (15 miles, 22 minutes drive).

The Seaview Café, Whitstable
A perfect location for a romantic morning! The beauty of The Seaview Café relies on the panoramic views that the café has to offer. You will be surprised to find yourself surrounded by stunning views of Whitstable and Herne Bay’s coast line.

Location: Whitstable, CT5 2QH (6 miles, 13 minutes drive).

Quex Barn, Birchington
A butchery, a deli, a wet fish stall and a restaurant make for a perfect combination. Surrounded by some of the most productive land in the British Isles, Quex Barn is fortunate to have access to a fantastic range of local fruit, vegetables, and fresh fish. Breakfast starts at 9am and includes English breakfast made of the finest ingredients locally sourced.

What makes Quex Barn an incredible choice is the butchery, fruit and veg stalls, fishmongers and delicatessen – basically its own farm shop where you can purchase the same fresh local produce that is used in the restaurant if you enjoyed it that much.

Location: Birchington, CT7 0BB (8 miles away, roughly 11 minutes drive).

The Royal Harbour Brasserie, Ramsgate
Experience this shabby-chic restaurant with panoramic historic views while trying beautifully prepared locally sourced produce from their A la carte menu! It’s a fantastic place to see the sunset.
Location: Ramsgate, CT11 9RN (14 miles, 24 minutes drive).

The Goods Shed, Canterbury
A farmers’ market, food hall and a restaurant! An innovative restaurant where you get the chance to be inspired by their menu and get advice from butchers and cheesemakers. A selection of vegetarian dishes is also available.

Location: Canterbury CT2 8AN (9 miles, 22 minutes drive).

As you can see there are plenty of local options to chose from for a delicious breakfast or brunch in great locations. Let us know where you go and share what you chose from the menu!

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