Camping Holiday. Essential Hints & Tips

03.11.2016 - General

Many people who live in the city love to go camping for a holiday. It provides a way for them to get back to nature and let go of their busy, overscheduled lives. Why not go on a camping holiday on the Kent coast? Here are just a few essential hints and tips for the best experience on your camping holiday.

Make a List

Ensure that before you embark on a camping trip that you research what you will need to be relatively comfortable on your trip, especially if you are not an experienced camper. Create a detailed list of the supplies and gear you will need. You will also need to consider how much food to bring and what essential items you must include. Make sure the food you bring with you does not spoil easily and that you can store it properly for food safety purposes. Also ensure that you bring enough water to last you for the duration of your trip if you are not near a place where you can refill your water supply. Lists are important to make sure you are prepared.

Do Your Research

Before you leave for your camping holiday on the Kent coast make sure that you do your research on the amenities of the area. While Keat Farm offers an on-site store to replenish supplies, showers, laundry, a café and children’s play area (we even have Wi-Fi), not all camping sites offer these services. Make sure that you know the area, what to expect and where to go in case you need supplies or you face an emergency. Just before you leave for your trip (morning of) check the forecast again to see if you need to pack or repack and special clothing or seasonal items.

Research and Try Out Your Equipment

Along with doing your research about the camping area, it’s also very important that you put time into researching and carefully purchasing your camping equipment. You should set up and sleep in your tent and sleeping bag for a night to make sure that there aren’t any pieces missing or damaged areas. You should also test your food and water storage equipment as well to make sure it is functioning properly and can fit all your supplies. This will save you from a situation that may ruin your trip or cut it short.

Dress for the Weather

If you are camping you are spending a lot of time outside exposed to the elements. It is highly recommended that you pack clothing for a variety of weather. It might be warm during the day, but it may become quite cool in the evening. It could even rain, and weather can change quickly.

Keat Farm wants you to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the city. We offer comfortable camping spaces for families to enjoy their camping trips and have an amazing camping holiday on the Kent Coast near Dover and Folkestone. You can have as authentic as an experience as you would like – or not! If you are planning on going camping remember the tips and hints provided above for a pleasant experience. Contact us today for more information or to book a space.

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