Camping With Your dog? Here are Our Top Tips

03.11.2016 - General

Camping is a great family activity. There is no age limit, no expertise level or species requirement.  Many people find that camping is just as enjoyable for their pets as it is for themselves. It is an ideal activity to bring your dogs along on.  A few simple tips will help you ensure that your camping trip in Kent is a smooth one – for your family, as well as those around you.

Check your travel requirements

Most dog owners are already aware of their specific dog’s travel requirements. Some get car sick, some drool, some love to run back and forth between the windows looking outside.  Be aware of how your dog travels and plan accordingly.  If your camping destination is hours away, plan to spend a bit of extra time at rest stops. Plan a travel route that has plenty of opportunities for safely pulling over and stopping.  If you can walk your dog at least once per hour, they get a chance to stretch their legs, drink some water and breathe some fresh air.  Just remember, what seems like a moderate temperature to you is still quite warm, if not too hot, for your dog.  They will need to be able to rehydrate regularly.  Walking them often also gives their stomach a chance to settle as well as greatly reduce motion induced accidents in your vehicle.

Check your camping destination

While most places are pet friendly, not all are.  Before you pre-book your camping spot, find out if dogs are allowed.  The rules will vary between camping locations. Some have pet friendly camp grounds in general, while others may have pet friendly areas, restricting places your dog can go. The size of your dog or the number of dogs you are traveling with may also have an impact on your camping fee.

All Keat Farm campsites allow dogs and they are more than welcome. The locations suit exercising dogs, with plenty of space to explore and run about in. A forbearer to a good nights sleep!!

People love to see dogs, not hear them

Your camping location will be a completely new experience for your dog. They will be out of familiar territory and surrounded by new sights, sounds and smells.  Your dog’s temperament and training can completely change. Always keep your pet on a leash or a long line and never leave them unattended.  Same as with children, your dog will be at their best when given ample exercise and attention. Take your dog with you on your walks. Whether it is just down the road to get firewood or a long hike through the mountains, your dog will appreciate the time to explore and the company.  If you do not think that you will be able to have your dog with you 100% of the time, then this is not the camping trip for them.  Dogs barking are an instant irritation for other campers.  It interrupts the quiet time they had expected to have.  It scares away local wildlife, and it can dramatically change the mood of an entire camping experience for your family and the families around you.


While you are in the great outdoors it is important to bring poop bags. While it may be natural, no one wants to be hiking through it.  Make sure that ample drinking water is available, you have packed extra food and that dog walking areas are readily accessible.  Not all green grass is an available dog walking area and you may not want your dog relieving themselves just feet away from your tent.

With some careful planning, your camping trip will create lasting memories. Adults, children and pets all enjoy new experiences and time together.  Make sure that your summer is a fantastic one for all of your family members, whether they have two legs or four!

For further advice or information, feel free to contact our Keat Farm team!

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