The Caravan Comeback; But Is It Just A Rite Of Passage?

03.11.2016 - General

According to the National Caravan Council sales of motor-homes are up 18% this year and caravan sales are up 9%.

So what is the reason for this? An article on Sky News suggests it is young families escaping the distractions of modern life, and celebrity endorsement could certainly be a factor, as reportedly Jamie Oliver’s family are keen caravanners and the Rooney’s have apparently acquired a caravan in Wales, but is there more to it? Maybe it starts with tents.

Recent years of economic austerity must certainly have created a new wave of campers as ‘stay-cations’ grew in popularity and camping appealed as an affordable and fun vacation. Those that would ordinarily have jumped on a plane for a sunny destination tried something new – camping. Many would have enjoyed the experience and having outlaid for the equipment continued to go on camping trips. These likely new camping converts would then naturally add to the existing community and eventually progress through the camping hierarchy, perhaps increasing the number of sales of caravans and motor-homes as a result.

But is there a lifecycle to a camper – from tent to caravan, from caravan to motor-home, from motor home to holiday home and from holiday home to residential park home?

There has to be a natural shift. The formative tent generation seeks to have more comfortable dwellings as they get older, particularly when they begin a family and require more space for luggage rather than camping accessories, and a new generation of tent dwellers is unleashed when they are unburdened from the family holiday.

The caravan generation evolves further, as their children grow up and flee the nest, with the mobile home becoming a more affordable option than before and the comfort and freedom to just up and move as and when they like.

After exploring and many, many miles clocked up, a single destination holiday home appeals and ultimately the option of a residential park home brings everything to a full circle.

A life full of camping.

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