Choosing A Campsite – 3 Important Factors For Campers

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How To Choose The Perfect Campsite

Camping is one of the greatest things we can do as a family. Not only is it amazing for our physical and mental health, but it is also a great way to bond.  As well, the great outdoors always brings on a sense of adventure, particularly for children who live in the city.  This is why camping is a great way to teach your children how to appreciate nature. Not only will it allow them to burn off a lot of energy, but it will also give them a brand new sense of the world around them.

But we don’t want to forget how great camping is for adults, too.  There isn’t a better stress releaser than waking up and breathing in fresh air while looking at lively green surroundings and listening to birds singing.  With that being said, when you’re choosing a campsite in Kent there are three important factors that campers need to consider.

Choosing a Campsite – 3 Important Factors for Campers

First and foremost on the list is safety.  Second is location, and third amenities.

Camping Safety

Whether it’s a weekend getaway for a family, a romantic excursion for a couple, or an adults only adventure, safety is a very important factor for campers. The last thing anyone wants is for their outdoor holiday to end in injury.

Remember to never put your barbecue in your tent for warmth. This is very dangerous and in 2012 the Gas Safety Register issued a warning after several deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning were reported.  So make sure you bring enough blankets and warm clothing to wear in case you get cold. If you’re concerned this may be an issue for you, research the warmest sleeping bags on the market.


Unless you’re an extreme camper and are looking to rough it out in the wilderness, make sure you pick a campsite that is near civilization, or at least is popular with a lot of campers. You don’t want to be out in the middle of nowhere in a tent suffering through the elements when you’re trying to relax.


To thoroughly enjoy the camping experience, campers need to make sure the campsite they go to have the amenities they need. Below is a list of amenities the best campsites will have:

  • Toilet and shower block that is together
  • Dish washing area
  • Laundry areas

Some campsites also have electrical hook-ups available to charge electronics such as your camera, blow dryer (in case the bathroom is really busy), or a coffee maker if you’re tenting.

Before you book your camping trip this summer, make sure these 3 important factors for campers are covered—make sure it’s safe, conveniently located, and that your site has all the amenities you need.

Here at Keat Farm we take all these factors seriously—particularly safety. Our scenery is beautiful, and our campsites are well serviced. To find more about our campsite locations, check out our website.

For further information, please contact our Keat Farm team!

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