How Much Does It Cost To Become A Resident?

09.12.2016 - Residential Parks

There is a lot to consider when planning on buying or thinking about buying a park home, but the most important question which is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, is how much does it cost to become a resident, and what are the costs involved? Below we have put together a brief overview of the different costs involved and approximations of what each will be to give a helpful indication of what to expect.

Initial Cost – The initial cost of the home varies, with used homes starting from approximately £50,000, and new home costs starting from approximately £99,000.

Site Fees – After the initial cost of the home, the monthly site fees for your park home vary from park to park, with prices for 2018 starting from £158.70 per month. The monthly site fee includes your water supply, and on some sites this may also include waste water charges.

Council Tax – Another expense to consider is council tax. Most park homes are classed as Band A, again costs will vary from site to site depending on the Council areas, but costs will be approximately £1,000 per year.

Household Bills – In terms of all other household bills, these will be as normal housing would be, with costs depending on individual usage and living circumstances, therefore are not possible to estimate.

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(This article was originally written in 2018, details and prices were correct at the time of posting.)

(2021 update: Used homes starting from approximately £60,000, and new home starting from approximately £110,000. Site fee charges starting from £168.00. Council tax costs approximately £1,200 per year.)

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