David Bellamy Conservation Awards

17.04.2013 - General

At Keat Farm we are proud to be associated with The David Bellamy Conservation Award scheme.

Towards the end of last year all 3 of our holiday parks were awarded 2012 Gold status for their on going efforts towards being a greener and cleaner place to stay.

The awards are run in association with the British Holiday Homes and Parks Association (one of our industry bodies) to encourage all park owners to respect, protect and enhance their natural environment.

Although our parks are already situated in natural surroundings we still work to encourage as much wildlife and diversification as possible. We have a variety of animal/bird/insect houses and aim to continue adding to that number. Allocated areas of the parks have been allowed to grow ‘wild’ to attract an array of fauna and flora in addition to the planting we undertake. This not only makes the park look attractive and welcoming to us humans but also to other specimens of the animal and insect kingdoms.

Waste management is another important aspect of the awards, reducing the use of all resources, not only by Keat Farm staff but by encouraging all our visitors to play their part too and remember their 3 R’s; reduce, reuse and recycle.

Respecting the local community goes a long way to being good neighbours.

We have developed good relations with our communities by promoting local businesses, attractions, food and drink products as well as supporting local charities. The added bonus; it makes our visitors feel part of a welcoming neighbourhood on arrival too.

There will always be ways in which we can improve but our Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award indicates we are on the right track. It provides us with a great framework around which our parks can balance their commitment to our customer needs as well as continuing to develop and conserve the surrounding environment.

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