Make Caravans Even Cooler And Design Your Own Holiday Home!!

03.11.2016 - Holiday Parks

That is exactly the challenge TV’s George Clark has set the great British public – to create your own PERFECT holiday home! Whatever your age (there is a separate category for under 12’s) you now have the opportunity to dream up your ideal caravan getaway and design your own holiday home.

So set your imagination free and let your ideas come to life in sketches, pictures or words.

The shape and size of the holiday home must remain but the rest is up to you. Maybe your inspiration will come from memories of childhood trips; or you would rather create a totally new holiday home concept; or quite simply just amend a few design ideas to an existing home to make your whole holiday experience that much better! It doesn’t have to be complicated, just fun ideas to re-invent the modern holiday home!

So no time to waste, get thinking and designing your perfect holiday home!!

For further details please follow the links below.

Under 12s competition

General competition

The George Clark Challenge 

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