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20.02.2017 - General

Alongside natural wonders, glorious gardens and history-filled castles, the Garden of England carries with it a different side too, a county with both told and untold stories and a hidden past. Are you ready to discover these fascinating places that even today keep the past alive? Places waiting to tell you their own story and what really happened.

Of the many places Kent has to offer, we recommend our own Top 5 most fascinating, unique and ethereal places of interest; the mere thought will give you goosebumps. Enjoy!

1. Dover Western Heights – one of the most impressive fortifications in Kent, was built to protect Dover port and implicitly Britain, from Napoleon’s planned invasion. The Western Heights of Dover has now become a Local Nature Reserve and is open free of charge for you to discover the Grand Shaft fort, The Drop Redoubt, and The Western Pharos.
Does it sound like a trip to be made? Follow the link to organise your trip.

2. Discovered in 1835, The Shell Grotto is an underground passageway where the walls and the roof have been artistically decorated with 4.6 million seashells. The purpose of this unique dwelling remains unknown but its construction is believed to date from 3000 years ago.

3. Not a hidden gem but one with plenty of stories and shrouded in legend, Canterbury Cathedral is best known for the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket, and subsequently the pilgrimage that followed the tragedy. However, the Cathedral hosts political, historical and religious artefacts including manuscripts, photos, maps and records. Make sure you allow enough time to fully explore this fascinating historic landmark. Follow the link to organise your trip.

4. Dover Tunnel, Dover
Step into a secret war time tunnel where the Dunkirk evacuation from WWII (aka Operation Dynamo) and the dramatic but also the greatest rescue of all time are brought to life through real life film footages. Shockingly, even the underground hospital brings back the WWII memories just by walking through the operating theatre. A true intense experience.

5. The Screaming Woods, Pluckley
Britain as a country has a reputation for haunted places, but Pluckley is particularly steeped into ghost stories.
The picturesque Kentish village is known to be the most haunted village in England with stories about a schoolmaster, a black horse, a miller, a gypsy woman, a coach, a colonel, the devils’ bush, a monk and the list goes on; a top destination for paranormal investigators.

Also, many ghost tour companies organise overnight stays in the famous Screaming Woods. Feeling brave?

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