Guide to Campsite Cooking

08.07.2021 - General

When we think about going camping with our families our minds will often be filled with ideas of BBQ’s and toasting marshmallows under the stars, because classic camping grub is a large part of the experience. If you’ve never been away in a tent or a caravan before, cooking can seem a little daunting, as even if you do “pack everything but the kitchen sink”, this does still leave you without a kitchen sink.

We’re here to help, and we definitely know a thing or two about camping! Here is our beginners guide to campsite cooking, including how to plan, and what you need to have on your camping checklist for the kitchen when staying at one of our Kent campsites.


How do you plan for campsite cooking?

The beauty of camping is in getting back to nature, enjoying the simple things in life and leaving everything else behind… including your kitchen. Whether you’re staying in a tent or a caravan, you’ll find yourself with a bit less cooking space, and not as many appliances, which means you’ll need to plan ahead when it comes to your meals. This is especially important if you’re planning on avoiding the supermarkets on your holidays and need to bring everything you need with you.

Take a look at the equipment you’re going to have – if you’re camping in a tent with us, you’ll need to get familiar with your camping stove so you know what you’re going to be able to cook. You’ll be by no means short on options, but you will need to figure out what you will be able to make, what you’ll need and how you’ll store it all.

This will also take a lot of the stress out of cooking on your holidays!


What equipment do you need for campsite cooking?

  • Camping stove

Everyone will tell you that they have the best camping stove in the UK, but this is actually something that will vary from family to family. A great camping burner is definitely high on the camping checklist, so this is important to get right. When you’re trying to figure out what camping stove to get, consider the size of your family, how many different things you’ll need to cook at once, and what you can fit in your car!

  • BBQ

It just wouldn’t be a UK camping getaway without a classic BBQ, either – so make sure you check the rules of the site you’re staying at to see what kind of camping BBQ’s you’re allowed to use, and then take your pick!

  • Plastic plates and cutlery

Picture this: you’ve cooked a slap-up meal on your camping stove or BBQ, your family are eagerly waiting at the table… and you realise you have nothing to serve on! Getting yourself a set of plastic plates, bowls, cups and cutlery is crucial as they’re easier to clean and pack, and they’re cheaper than the fine china so if they do get damaged in transit it won’t be the end of the world.

You can find sets in all sorts of colours and patterns, and a funky camping plate set makes the perfect gift for any camping lover, too!

  • Cooler

You’ll need something to keep your food cool before you get the chance to cook it, so if you’re staying in a tent it’s important to bring a cooler with you. These are great for keeping a couple of the fridge essentials with you in the great outdoors, but you’ll need to find one big enough for everything you need and look into how long it can keep things cool for to find the right fit for your camping trip. You’ll need at least somewhere to bring some milk – what would life be without access to a nice cup of tea with milk?


Happy cooking!

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