Hawthorn Farm Holiday Park

10.03.2014 - General

On behalf of myself and all the staff at Hawthorn Farm, a very hearty welcome back. It has been a long, wet winter without you here!!

The holiday park has had a considerable amount of work carried out over the “closed period”.

The tree surgeons have been busy in Juniper Field completing last years work. They have also lopped the trees in Kiwi Field and finished up in Apple Field removing the tops off the three big trees there.

Where possible we have “chipped” the smaller branches so if you do need wood chippings for your garden please call into the office and we will be happy to help.

The first five hard standings now have railway sleepers at their openings to help prevent the stones coming onto the road and we have also widened the road from the visitor’s car park up to the Kiwi Field entrance.

The Wi-Fi has had some new points added to the system to give better reception and all the points have now been upgraded.

As well as all this Robin has been busy removing branches that were overhanging some of the holiday homes and Peter has been adding to his “woodland walk” project. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas for this new project. All feedback is really appreciated!

Steve and I have been busy fitting new guttering to all the buildings and installing the wiring for the new lighting bollards, due for installation mid March.

On the touring side; the builders have been in to refurbish the ladies side of the touring toilet block. This comprised; new toilet cisterns with an eco flush system, widening the toilet cubicle entrance, fitting colour coordinate doors & surrounds, re-tiling the toilet & shower cubicles, the wash basin area and the privacy cubicle, high sheen cladding to all exposed wood area’s, new L.E.D lighting and new vanity mirrors.

We also had the builders and plumbers working on the camping toilet block to install new shower basins, re-tile the shower cubicles and replace the hot water tanks plus the hot and cold water system.

On a more general note we are pleased to say there was no damage caused to any of the holiday homes during the high winds that we experienced. The grass however is waterlogged in many places due to the relentless wet weather we have had so please do not drive on it for the time being.

You will be pleased to know the cafe will be opening for business on the Saturday 1st March. So feel free to pop along from 8.00a.m. to get your morning paper or let Lesley and her team cook you breakfast!

For those gardeners amongst you we are hoping to have details of a wildlife garden competition in a month or so, where you can enter your own holiday home ‘garden’. Our David Bellamy assessor who visited in July last year was so impressed with the ‘green spaces’ you have developed that she suggested this competition to us so watch this space…

Looking forward to spending a great sunny season with you all!!

Mike and all the Hawthorn Farm Team

For further information, feel free to contact our Keat Farm team!

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