Hay-fever Survival Guide

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Spring is coming and unfortunately for some, pollen comes along with it! As it is Allergy Awareness Week, and ‘pollen bomb’ has officially landed, we have gathered some simple but useful pieces of advice to help the hay-fever sufferers out there so you are still able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! Here is a small guide to survive hay-fever throughout the season.

– First, find out if your area is subject to pollen streams thanks to the nationwide network that gathers and collects data about pollen. This is really useful if you are planning a BBQ or any activities outside.

– If you are in a high concentration pollen area or if it is a bad pollen day, try to stay inside as much as you can and if you do go outside, make sure to take a shower when back and wash things that may have been in contact with any pollen.

– Make changes to create an allergy-proof home by filtering the air, regularly cleaning  the whole house, especially carpets, close windows as much as possible, pay special attention to the living area such as the kitchen/living-room/bedroom, grow your own filters with plants, regularly check your car air-conditioner and most importantly, clear your garden from any high pollen plants.

– Help boost your immune system and create a barrier with some useful tips such as eating healthy and exercising frequently.

– You can also use natural remedies to help reduce hay fever symptoms. Those products are Vitamin C, Honey, Garlic, some assorted teas, or even spicy food.

Please note these are just useful tips to combat hay-fever. In the case of severe hay-fever symptoms, please contact a doctor or health professional.

For more information on the allergy subject, visit Allergy UK.

For any further information, feel free to contact our Keat Farm team!

Have a good Spring!

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