Include Kent’s International Arts Festival In Your Holiday Plans

09.02.2017 - General

So, you chose one of Keat Farm’s Holiday Parks this year! Well, you couldn’t have chosen any better!

Their perfect locations on the Kent coast give you the flexibility to explore the surrounding area, the villages, the seaside; basically, embracing Kent’s heritage while enjoying the beautiful views.

If you are visiting one of Keat Farm Parks in the autumn then your stay may coincide with one of the highlights of Kent’s event calendar.

Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most important cultural events in the South East, the Canterbury Festival. The festival takes place once a year and attracts over 60,000 people of all ages. Look out for the dates in 2017.

People from all around the world travel to Canterbury to experience Kent’s number 1 International Arts Festival and attend the hundreds of both free and ticketed shows including: classical music, contemporary dance, theatre and visual arts.

If you are wondering why it is an International festival, the reason is because over the years, Canterbury Festival has developed relationships with other European countries such as Hungary, recently featuring A Celebration of Hungarian Culture, and Poland which was represented by the Polish National Radio Orchestra.

Its huge success led the Canterbury Festival to open its doors to many other artists of different nationalities and allowed guests to embrace various cultures through music, art and plays.
For this particular reason, since 2004 Canterbury Festival has been recognised as Kent’s International Art Festival.

Established in 1929 and revived in 1984, Canterbury Festival succeeded with bespoke plays from Dorothy Sayers or T.S. Elliot with Murder in the Cathedral (a verse drama that portrays Archbishop Thomas Becket’s assassination inside the Canterbury Cathedral in 1170).

The famous Canterbury Cathedral is one of Canterbury Festival’s main events’ locations and if you have not had the chance to visit the Cathedral before, you will get to enjoy an incredible experience.

Other main events’ locations include: The Marlowe Theatre, St. Augustine Abbey, the Spitfire Ground and many more.

The Canterbury Festival has even brought in a Spiegeltent. Located on the Cricket Ground, this original 1920s travelling mirrored tent has become the host of many more shows including circus, cabaret and family-friendly shows since 2013; transforming Canterbury Festival into an even more exciting and timeless experience.

We can assure you it is!

If this piqued your interest you can contact the Canterbury Festival directly on 01227 452853 or email them at Their friendly team will be more than likely to help you with this year’s programme.

You can also contact our Keat Farm team for advice.

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