Owning A Holiday Home: Our Guide

08.05.2016 - General Holiday Parks Residential Parks

A holiday home is a significant investment but choose the right location and used regularly it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Owning a holiday home is an exciting proposition and one that offers an easy escape whenever you feel the need to get away. A place for you to enjoy as a couple, as a family and with friends.

Owning a holiday home for the family

Let’s set the scene: with work, home and school commitments your family have barely said two words to each other all week and the weekend can’t come soon enough. How better to spend the weekend than to pack up the car Friday night and head to your own sanctuary by the sea or in the countryside?

All the home comforts await you; you just need to stop-off for a few provisions on route then it is feet up and relax for the weekend!

Owning a holiday home without the family (and on occasion with)

Or perhaps: the children have grown up, gone to university, moved out or are simply too cool to spend time with the parents, so for the most part it is just the two of you. A holiday home would provide the perfect getaway to enjoy a new pace of life. However, when the children do decide to join you, there is plenty of room for everyone to spend quality time together away from home.

The joys of owning a holiday home!

It is important to choose a location for your holiday home that suits your interests. If you enjoy coastal walks or water sports then a seaside location is perfect, however, if you prefer country paths and exploring villages an inland location would be a better choice.

The locations of Keat Farm holiday parks have the added benefit that they can cater for both, as Kent is fortunate to have everything within easy reach.

So, how do I buy a holiday home, and what details do I need to know?

The main things that you have to consider are location, budget, running costs and how much usage you are likely to have. Our helpful guide will assist you with the key steps to buying a holiday home.

We at Keat Farm are also here to help you along the way, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

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