Quex Holiday Park Summer Newsletter

28.06.2017 - Holiday Parks Touring Parks

As always the gardening is keeping us busy here on Quex Holiday Park. The grass is always growing so there is plenty of mowing, strimming and hedges to keep in check. It is always good to look round the park when tasks have been completed, to see the lovely green spaces we have being enjoyed by both our visitors and the wildlife.

To encourage even more wildlife our ‘pollinator’ trough has been filled with plants grown for us on one of our sister parks, Woodlands Estate. We look forward to observing the butterflies, moths and of course bees over the coming months.  We also have 2 smaller pots, in the form of recycled watering cans planted up for pollinators too. The blue one has wild strawberry & jacobs ladder in it and red one contains wild strawberry & buphthalmum.

With the very warm weather we have been having could we ask, as we have before, that owners, where possible, put out small bird bath/water containers which are very beneficial to our feathered friends. As always please think carefully about the location and content of bird feeders in order not to encourage unwanted visitors.

A new garden in Robins has been created and planted with both lavender and rosemary and will be lovely as it matures. We are, however, finding that the rabbits have also taken a shine to them so we are watching developments!!

We look forward to hopefully a hot, sunny summer for all our owners and touring visitors and trust you will enjoy your time at Quex Holiday Park.

If you are visiting us this weekend our neighbour, Quex Park, has several events on you may be interested in:

The Craft Fair                                   Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 June 2017

VW Show                                          Friday 30 June – Sunday 2 July 2017

Jazz & Swing in Quex Gardens       Sunday 2 July 2017

For further details: http://www.quexpark.co.uk/events/

If you need more information, please contact our Keat Farm team.


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