Quex Park News for the 2017 Season…

05.04.2017 - Holiday Parks Touring Parks

With 2017 well under way and the new season upon us maintenance works are being completed to ensure the parks readiness to welcome owners, tourers and visitors here at our Quex Park caravan site.

Many of you will already have met Lucy during last season but we would like to officially welcome her to our full time team here and are sure you will do the same.

The winter hedge cutting programme has been completed and tree work is now under way.

The new garden in Robins has been dug and prepared in readiness to be planted with lavender which will not only look lovely but also help in our commitment to being a bee friendly park. We also plan to have a “pollinator pot” on site. These pots are planted with nectar rich plants to help with butterflies, moths and of course bees. Further details to follow!

As always we will be working towards a David Bellamy Award again this year and hope that we will continue to retain our Gold status.  Please could owners, where possible, put out small bird bath/water containers which are very beneficial for our visiting wildlife. As always please think carefully about the location and content of bird feeders in order to not encourage unwanted visitors.

Now some of our older holiday homes having left the park you will notice a few spaces in our fields. We look forward to welcoming new owners during the course of the year as new homes are sited on these spots.

We have had some very cold and frosty weather and whilst it is a little milder now we may yet have some cold spells. We would, therefore, like to suggest that if you are using your home at this time,  please can you turn your water off at the stop cock when leaving and leave your internal taps open to help prevent frost damage. Thank you.

Hopefully things will have warmed up by Easter when we will be inviting the children to take part in a drawing competition; to design your own Easter egg. Chocolate egg prizes for the winners!! Entry paper will be available from reception. Details on other Easter events will follow shortly!!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

For further information, feel free to contact our Keat Farm team!

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