Welcome Back To Quex Park

14.03.2014 - General

Welcome back to Quex Park and let’s hope 2014 is a warm and sunny season for us!

We have been busy throughout the closed period catching up with ground maintenance but it was somewhat hampered by the extreme wet weather. We did lose a number of small trees as well as two larger ones in the high winds. The tree surgeons have also been on the park felling and we are making good use of all the wood we’ve acquired. One project was to build a bug hotel totally from recycled products which we have now completed and it can be seen opposite the cafe.

We have also had a bug observatory built and are looking forward to seeing which “bugs “decide to make it their permanent home. So take time to have a look at both new ‘bug homes’ and let us know what you can see!!

Over the winter the cafe’s rest room has been redecorated, the balcony has been repaired plus we have extended the roof to cover the entire balcony. Trellis has also been fitted to encourage the grape vine to grow over, providing the perfect place for lunch or a drink shaded from the hot summer sun! If coffee is your thing then why not try our new stock of Rombouts filter coffee. The cafe also has homemade daily specials, all day breakfasts, cream teas or you can even pre-order your daily newspaper. We’re open everyday so feel free to pop in and say hello.

Our Wi-Fi has now been upgraded to allow better coverage across the park.

If you are a keen gardener we soon hope to have details of a wildlife garden competition, where you can enter your own holiday home ‘garden’. One of our David Bellamy assessors from last year was so impressed with the ‘green spaces’ our park owners had developed that she suggested this competition to us, so keep an eye out for further information!

Let’s hope the weather is kind to us this season and from all the staff here at Quex we wish you happy holidays!

For more information, feel free to contact our Keat Farm team.

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