Release Some Valuable Equity

01.02.2017 - Holiday Parks Residential Parks

Enjoy a leisurely life with financial security, a reduced cost of living and a sound investment, by releasing some valuable equity, and investing in a park home. Simply put, equity release refers to the process of releasing equity (value) from your current property, and there are schemes that allow you to access that if you are over the age of 55.

Equity release schemes allow you to take a sum of cash from the value built up in your property, without necessarily having to move out of that property, enabling you to use that money for whatever you choose. Alternatively, you can sell your property and use the equity gained to sustain living expenses.

The option of equity release is ideal if you are considering buying yourself a holiday home, downsizing or looking to make some money on your house without having to move out. The main options are to either; sell your property and downsize to something much more affordable and feasible in terms of monthly fees, such as ground rent and maintenance. Or, keep your current home, release some equity from that property and invest it in something else.

There are two main options when considering equity release, but we always advise to consult with an experienced Financial Advisor for expert knowledge and advice.

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