A Guide To Finding The Right Park Home In Kent For You

07.04.2014 - General Residential Parks

Residential homes are available to buy new or as pre-owned homes on one of our five residential parks.

New homes can be bought directly through us. Some are already sited or we may have vacant plots on one of our parks which you can choose a particular home for. Size restrictions will apply relevant to the available plot dimensions. Pre-owned homes are purchased in a similar way to a house i.e. between the seller and buyer. Some vendors will use local estate agents whilst others may deal directly with the buyer. In all cases we would be able to put you in touch with the relevant parties and advise on the paperwork element of the purchase. Current residential homes for sale can be viewed on our website but please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

General buying guide:

Step 1: Park. Find the right location and park that meets your requirements
Step 2: Research. Investigate, research and if possible obtain copies of the site licence, park rules, and mobile homes agreement for your own satisfaction.
Step 3: Budget. Take the time to view available homes within your chosen budget.
Step 4: Questions. Now is the time to air any questions or concerns you may have and if necessary take a second viewing, before committing to a purchase.
Step 5: Purchase. Proceed with the purchase of your residential home, through the relevant agency.
Step 6: Paperwork. Ensure that the relevant paperwork – mobile homes agreement and park rules – are signed and par returned, keeping copies for your own records.
Step 7: New home. Welcome to your new home.
Ensure you do the relevant research at each stage to satisfy yourself that you are happy with the process and ask any questions you may have. A solicitor is not required for the purchase of a residential home, however one may be used for your own satisfaction.
If you have any questions about finding the right park home in Kent, please contact us at our head office on 01227 374381.
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