Selling Up And Buying A Residential Park Home In Retirement

17.09.2015 - Residential Parks

For many of us there comes a time when downsizing property is a must. The overwhelming upkeep of a house with a large garden, too many rooms, too much furniture and general clutter through years of hoarding, can all be too much.

All you really want to do is relax in a comfortable, convenient and fulfilling environment; an environment that allows for leisure pursuits and interests as a priority rather than the constant upkeep of a home.

For many a residential park home is a perfect alternative. Apart from the potential financial benefit from selling up and buying a residential park home, they are manageable and usually fully furnished. A park home allows you to enjoy peace and quiet, independence and security whilst building new friends and connections within a community.

If downsizing to a residential home appeals to you, then your next step is to look at where you would like to live. A significant appeal of residential parks is their location. Usually they are in secluded areas or near the sea but still within easy reach of towns and villages for everyday needs. It is important that you choose somewhere that you know you’ll be happy. Perhaps it is somewhere you have been on holidays or where you have friends, or it will take you closer to family members.

Whatever the reasons a residential park home is an investment and one that improves quality of life.

If you are considering selling up and buying a residential park home please contact us to answer any queries you may have or to arrange a park visit.

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