Snow Days in Kent – 5 tips for staying safe in the snow

02.03.2018 - General

All across Kent and the surrounding area has been well and truly struck by the ‘Beast from the East’, bringing to bear some of the most dramatic weather we have witnessed in years! With hundreds of schools across the county closed for the week and major roads and public transport disrupted, it is important for everyone to take care when travelling, and avoid any unnecessary journeys where possible.

However, if you do need to brave the roads, here are some travel tips to make sure you stay as safe as possible!

  1. Keep up to date

Traffic updates are regularly posted online and on Twitter, announcing any problems and delays on the roads and rails. Stay up to date so as to avoid getting stuck or making any journeys you don’t need to.

  1. Safety precautions

If you do venture out in your car, make sure you are wearing warm clothes and appropriate footwear. It is also advised to take warm blankets and extra coats and jackets in your vehicle in the event of delays or breaking down.

  1. Stock up

You would also be wise to take food and water with you, in the event you are held up on motorways or surrounding roads, and if you have any of the following, take them along too – torch, spare batteries, first aid kit, sunglasses (winter sun can be dazzling when driving), spare gloves, shovel, de-icer / scraper, phone charger, pillow and chocolate

  1. Don’t rush

Allow extra time for your journey to plan for hold-ups and diversions and most importantly, take your time. Don’t rush when driving and be aware although some roads may look clear, they could be dangerously icy.

  1. Be prepared

Check your tyres and window wipers before heading off. Make sure you have plenty of de-icer washer fluid to keep your windshield clean. If you do not feel they are adequate for the weather conditions, avoid taking an unnecessary journey. A great tip for cleaning a really greasy windshield is to pour a Coke over it – works a treat! Once all the snow is gone it’s a good idea to wash the car as soon as possible to remove the salt which can corrode the paintwork if left on.

For some safe activities to do during winter in Kent, take a look at our ‘Winter days out in Kent 2018‘ article.

Although the snow is causing treacherous conditions out on the roads and rails across the county, it does look extremely pretty! If you have any snow photos, please share them with our Keat Farm team, we would love to see them!

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