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Generally, the referendum in 2016 left the nation feeling unsure and somewhat apprehensive about what Brexit really meant for the UK. Almost a year later, it seems the decision for the UK to leave the European Union has had only a positive effect on the UK tourism industry, particularly the caravan and touring industry. Not only are UK residents opting for staycations, but tourists from overseas are making the most of the weaker pound, with holidaymakers reportedly spending a total of £2.2bn*, up 2% compared to the same time the previous year.

Brexit, recent events around the world and consequently heightened airport security measures, have each played a significant part in staycations becoming more popular.

Here are our 10 top reasons why to Staycation in Kent this year.

  1. Save money – First and foremost, depending on where you go and what you do of course, it will cost less than a holiday overseas. No airport transfers or overpriced taxi rides, you will have your own car and your own destination in mind.
  2. No passport panic – You don’t need your passport so no moments of panic on the way there and back, of being adamant you have forgotten or lost your passport somewhere in between leaving the house and getting into the car!
  3. No unnecessary spending – In the duty free or on different modes of transport (as previously mentioned with the overpriced taxi rides).
  4. Avoid airport stress – Airport security is now tighter than ever, which for many, can be a highly stressful experience. Avoid the airport stress and travel at your own pace, with minimal fuss and hassle free.
  5. Unlimited packing – With no security or travel restrictions (other than your mode of transport and space) you can pack as little or as much as you like. Even those ‘just in case’ items!
  6. Explore – You get the opportunity to explore local areas, discover what makes Kent so great and tick off the things we never quite get around to doing.
  7. Flexibility – When you holiday at home, you have the freedom and flexibility to go as and when you please. Fancy coming home a day early or staying a bit longer? There are no time deadlines or transport restrictions to worry about.
  8. No surprises – Like the hotel doesn’t quite look like the image online, or you’re charged at an unsuspecting cash machine.
  9. Weather – As much as the British weather is unpredictable, we do have some beautiful weather as well. Be prepared, and any sunny days will be an added bonus.
  10. Open invites – Staycations mean you can invite your friends, your family and even bring your pets along.

Would you rather holiday at home or overseas? Let us know your favourite trips and any top tips to add to the list!

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