Summer weather is here!

15.07.2019 - Holiday Parks Touring Parks

The UK could just as easily stand for Umbrella Kingdom as it could for the United Kingdom, as we are a nation familiar with the rain and those grey skies that we’ve grown so accustomed to living under. This is why forecasts for a hot summer always make front page news, and the internet and newspapers are currently covered in pictures of colourful beach huts and ice cream cones as they inform the nation that the sun is about to put his hat on.
Unusually, warm temperatures well into the 20’s and even low 30’s are being predicted, along with less rain. Many people are already speculating 2019 is heading towards another record-breaking heat wave.

As appealing as this sounds, there are certain precautions we Brits may have to bear in mind as the grey skies clear and the temperatures skyrocket.

Firstly, remember to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is key in making sure your body doesn’t get too hot. This is especially important when camping because the inside of tents and caravans can get very warm with the sun over them. We do have plenty of fresh water taps for you to fill up your water bottles throughout our parks. You can also purchase reflective sunshades from most camping stores to keep your tent cooler by reflecting the sunlight back up into the sky instead of sending it straight into your bedroom.

Water is also good for healthy skin, but it is no substitute for sunscreen! Re-apply frequently and always after being in the water, even if your cream says it’s waterproof. Aftersun is also a great product to cool your skin down, for extra cool soothing, keep your bottle of aftersun in the fridge (or cool box).

We’re lucky our parks are close to the seaside, with many of our touring and holiday parks being within easy travelling distance of beautiful classic Kent beaches. Just remember these can get quite busy when the sun’s out so go early to avoid the traffic and get your spot on the beach. Go prepared with plenty of water, refreshing snacks as well as sunscreen, hats and brollys to keep everyone safe and happy.

We also encourage our residents and home-owners to think about the wildlife in their gardens when it’s so warm. Leaving shallow containers of water for insects, birds and other small animals to drink and bathe in can make all the difference to them.

We hope you enjoy the sun and look forward to welcoming you to one of our Keat Farm Parks over the summer holidays to make the most of what we hope is a glorious summer.

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