The Caravan – Is This The Answer To All Your Holiday Woes?

03.11.2016 - General Touring Parks

Many people think so!

Caravanning in Kent!

They offer so much freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of where to go and freedom of when to go.

Touring holidays increased in popularity in the previous decade as the term ‘staycation’ came into use. Prior to that it was easy to find an affordable holiday abroad, but exchange rates and austerity meant that the cost of a family holiday became untenable. Bring on the caravan!

Once maligned for filling up motorway lanes people started saying “wouldn’t it be good to be able to just get up and go on holiday without having to book a hotel”

The caravan allows you to pack up the car on a Friday evening to take your family away for the weekend.

If you are a novice to caravanning it may be worth trying out your new purchase at a local touring park for a few days. Then you will be happy to head off further afield with your ‘hotel on wheels’ on tow.

Choosing the right touring park is a must. A caravan has many amenities: a kitchen, dining area, beds and a bathroom but you wouldn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere when you run out of basics such as toilet roll!

So make sure you research your chosen holiday parks in advance. Do you need to pre-book a pitch? Are there size restrictions on the caravan and awning? Are pets allowed? What on-site facilities are available? A little pre-planning can go a long way to making your family getaways just what you hoped they would be.

So if you are heading to Kent why not take a look at our 3 touring parks: Hawthorn Farm, Little Satmar and Quex Park on our page camping kent or call us for further details on 01227 374381.
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