The Great Kent Cinema Experience

20.02.2017 - General

Kent has a thriving nightlife, countless countryside trails to hike and thousands of notable restaurants to try, however for those of you who might like to take a step back from the hustle and bustle, Kent also offers a surprisingly good range of cinemas; from large multiplexes to open-air film events and quaint picture houses, Kent has it all.

For fans of mainstream cinema there are a respectable supply of Odeon and Cineworld cinemas scattered across the county, there is also the large and well fitted Vue cinema at Thanet’s Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, equidistant from both Margate and Ramsgate.
Vue has multiple screens and extremely comfortable VIP seating, which ensures the ultimate viewing experience!
If you would prefer a classic cinema adventure, then there are many vintage picture houses including Westgate on Sea’s Carlton cinema; built in 1910, The Carlton’s original purpose was as Westgate’s Town Hall and the classic architecture truly reflects that. The cinema boasts 3 fully digital screens all with Dolby Digital surround sound and all are located on the ground floor for easy access.

Outside of the Thanet area, Faversham’s Royal Cinema is just one of two remaining Mock-Tudor cinemas left in the UK.
Designed by Andrew Mather – his main objective was to guarantee that the structure synchronized with its largely medieval surroundings (Faversham has almost 500 listed buildings) Parking for the cinema can be found just 400 yards from the cinema in the Bank Street car park.

The small town of Sandwich is a historic parish which was once a popular Cinque Port, it still has numerous medieval buildings, almshouses and churches.
It’s cinema although not medieval has hints of both the Art Deco and Bauhaus in its design. Originally opened in 1937 the cinema has a capacity of 137 and offers monthly classic cinema events as well as mainstream features.

If you’d prefer to balance your trip to the cinema with shopping, restaurants and more then perhaps Canterbury’s Curzon or Odeon cinema would be the right choice for you.
Whilst the Odeon offers a good array of commercial presentations, the Curzon cinema is truly home to the area’s alternative film culture. Posing an entirely new cinema experience, the Curzon cinema are able to provide a fully licensed bar alongside mouth-wateringly delicious locally sourced ice cream and an abundance of other treats.

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