Top Not-To-Be-Missed Festivals In Kent This Autumn (Part I)

08.09.2016 - General

Has it ever crossed your mind to go to a chili festival while on holiday? What about a hop pocket race? Although these festivals and events are not necessarily well known internationally, they are extremely popular amongst people in and around Kent.
What for?
Canterbury Food & Drink Festival (Canterbury)
London’s best street food stalls will be showcased in Canterbury this weekend (23-25 September) for Kent’s biggest food festival. How big you ask? Taking into consideration the festival welcomed at least 40,000 visitors of all ages in 2015…that big.
So, get dressed and come join us in Dane John Gardens, Canterbury to savour an incredible variety of food and drink from around Kent. Music? Of course; there will be music from a choice of two stages and also a dedicated kids field where you can let the kids run free and stay safe at the same time.
Give us a shout if you’ll be there so we can meet you at one of the food stalls!

Chili Fest (Challock, Ashford)
Over 150 varieties of freshly harvested Chilies to taste! This Chili Fest is completely different from all the events you attended. The difference is that you will rarely go to a Chili Fest and find fresh chilies. Not this time. The Chili Fest, which is in Challock, Ashford, is hugely popular for its fresh chilies and their growing plants from which they were harvested.
Are you brave enough? We’d like to invite you to join us this October, on 1st and 2nd in this daring chili tasting. Can you handle 150 chilies?
You will be glad to know you will be able to purchase fresh chili fruits as well as chili seeds for sowing and growing your own fiery delicatessen.
How to get there? Simply put TN25 4DG on your SatNav. However, this is the full address: Victoriana Nursery Gardens, Buck Street, Challock, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4 DG. Hope to see you there!
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