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13.11.2017 - Holiday Parks

If you are thinking about buying a holiday home, you will soon discover that there are a great deal of different factors to take into consideration, and as with everything in life, plenty of choice. So how can you make the best choice for you?

You’ve made the decision you would like to buy a holiday home, and whether that is along the coast of Folkestone, or nestled in the countryside of Dover or Birchington, here are 3 reasons why to choose Keat Farm for your holiday home;

The Locations

Location, location, location. We are very lucky to have prime locations spanning around the Kentish coast and countryside, so if your first question is coast or countryside, you can enjoy both from any one of our four locations. Each location also benefits from a plethora of amenities and things to do in the local area, so you can fill your time with plenty of exploring, eating, drinking and activities should you chose to.

The Facilities

During low season, and throughout the year when needed, we like to make sure each site is up to the highest standard, not only for our holiday makers, but for the environment and our important local wildlife. We are proud to have achieved Gold in the David Bellamy Conservation awards, in addition to that we have also been acknowledged as a Honey Bee Friendly park. We like to make sure our parks are buzzing with activity, literally, so we are always busy planting new flowers, installing bird houses, hedgehog houses, and anything else to attract some local visitors. During the low season, we take the time to prepare for the summer, with plans to plant wildflowers and herb gardens.

We are also proud to offer recycling facilities as this is of increasing importance to our home owners, in addition to award-winning shower facilities, eco-friendly laundry rooms, eco plots and frequent tree landscaping, across all sites, with plans to continue investment in our facilities. Keep up to date with our park newsletters to see what’s coming up.

The People

Each park has a community hub, generally the café, whereby all sorts of activities take place such as quiz nights, bingo, local garden competitions and seasonal activities.

As a family–owned business, with helpful, friendly staff on hand, and always busy with park activities, each Keat Farm Holiday park offers a strong sense of community which is something we really value.

We like to see you enjoying your holiday home, the parks and everything involved, so will continually invest and develop our parks to make this happen!

For further information about the parks, please contact our Keat Farm team!

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