Wonderful Wildflowers at Quex

05.07.2018 - Holiday Parks Touring Parks

Summer is upon us and having survived an extremely wet and muddy Easter we are now enjoying an extremely warm heat wave. We would therefore like to ask everyone to be mindful of their water usage at the moment. By all means give nature a helping hand (see below) but please no unnecessary water usage.

The new amenities building is now open and while, as with any new build, there are still some small items to address, it has been very well received by our customers. We are still looking at various alternatives for the laundry, but in the interim there are washing machines available to use, details can be obtained from the office.  We do not currently have any tumble dryers.

The new washing-up area and Elsan point are now in use and the bookcase has been re-instated in its new home; on the decking near the shop. A new notice board for our wildlife and environmental information is in the process of being completed and should be ready to peruse in the very near future. We have also built a bird hide so visitors can observe our feathered friends without scaring them away. Look out for this on the park as well as a number of new bird and bat boxes which we have installed.

Our friends with the birds of prey and owls kindly came at Easter for people to see these beautiful birds up close. Unfortunately, the very bad weather didn’t encourage as many visitors to the park as we would have hoped. Fingers crossed though and they will be returning for the August Bank Holiday, a date and time will be advertised once confirmed.

In our last newsletter we talked about this year’s ‘5 Habitats in 5 Years’ project, which focuses on wildflowers. We are pleased to report that our wildflower plots are thriving and the flower bed outside reception has a wonderful display of lavender, much loved by the bees. Our woodpile has also been extended to the delight of the bugs!!

We have several small water features around the park for our wildlife and would really like to encourage our home owners to do the same. A shallow tray with pebbles and water is sufficient to provide some much needed drinking water for our birds and insects, especially as the weather is so warm at the moment.

We look forward to seeing you soon and should you be visiting this weekend the Kent County Show may be of interest to you. Over the next couple of weeks there is the Teddy Bears Picnic & The Sooty Show on Saturday 14th July and on 21st July Dreamland are hosting there first Block Party. As always there are various events scheduled just around the corner at Quex Park.

Here’s to a wonderful summer!




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