Woodpile Habitat

07.08.2019 - Holiday Parks Touring Parks

We have been busy at Little Satmar, our holiday park in Capel-Le-Ferne. As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our parks nature friendly and playing our part in the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme, we are proud to unveil our new Woodpile Habitat.

Constructed from deadwood we have collected from around the grounds, the woodpile makes a fantastic environment for ants, beetles, worms, centipedes, ladybirds, mining bees and many other mini beasts.

Why not put the deadwood which you may find in your own garden to good use and make your own woodpile feature?

It can be on any scale and will encourage a wide range of wildlife to set up home.

  • Use a mixture of wood and different sized logs with the bark on, such as beech, oak, ash and elm.
  • Adding a pile of leaf litter can attract even more creatures, such as hibernating toads or hedgehogs.
  • You will need to add new logs as the old ones decay over the years.
  • Decaying wood also supports a range of fungi.
  • Allowing a climber to ramble over woodpiles, logs and stumps can cover them and help retain moisture.

Features like this in your garden not only help the biodiversity of your outdoor space but can be a great talking point and educational to the young.

If you would like more tips on creating your own woodpile please visit the RSPB’s gardening for wildlife page and this BBC’s breathing places link.


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